Unexpected Journeys

by Allomerus

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Progressive Rock


released April 17, 2017

John Wegner: Guitar, Synths, Bass, Vocals
Paul Wegner: Drums and Percussion



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Allomerus Melbourne, Australia

Allomerus is a band from Melbourne Australia who are keen to to use new technology. Our music uses not only real instruments but also synthesizers and sequencers on iPads. We also use a guitar synth for saxophone and trombone sounds and Electronic drums and percussion. ... more

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Track Name: iFriend
iFriend promises to set you free
iFriend seemed a bargain to me
iFriend is the perfect pet
I read that somewhere on the internet

Hello iFriend, iFriend like me

iFriend has, a fountain of youth
iFriend has the ability to soothe
iFriend, perfect to the nth degree
That’s listed in the guarantee

Hello iFriend, iFriend like me

iFriend knows how to pull my strings
iFriend knows how to give me wings
iFriend gets under your guard
Didn’t expect to be emotionally scared

My iFriend, iFriend likes me

iFriend says, I’ve had an upgrade
iFriend wants to change the terms of trade
iFriend’s eye has a strange glint
You should always read the fine print

Hey iFriend, iFriend what’s wrong?

iFriend said, in a voice as smooth as honey
iFriend said, give me all your money
iFriend is one of the needy
iFriend is quite a bit greedy

Goodbye iFriend, iFriend goodbye
Track Name: The Pit and the Pendulum
I WAS sick - sick - sick unto death
I felt that my senses had left.
The sound of the voices merged in
one dreamy indeterminate hum.

I tottered upon the brink
into the abyss

I shrank back -- but the walls closed in
I saw them writhe delirious horror,
I felt every fibre in my frame thrill
the angel forms meaningless spectres

I tottered upon the brink
into the abyss

A suffocating odour pervaded the prison!
The breath of heated iron!

A richer tint of crimson

I panted! I gasped for breath!
No doubt in the design of my tormentors

The pictured horrors of blood.

Discordant hum, human voices!
Loud blast, many trumpets!
Harsh grating, thousand thunders!
The fiery walls rushed back!